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Concept of Willyet

Let's get started with Willyet

Willyet will turn the concept and value of your company's service
into a story and express it visually.

There are many customers who are active in various scenes of life,
using various devices, searching for "THINGS" and looking for interesting "CONTENTS".

Willyet is the "place" on the web where your service and customers meet directly.

Here on Willyet, your communication expands in many ways.

Communication with "connected customers"
over potential customers --

Fully utilize your contents to trigger purchase behavior

Platform that provides a place for communicating with "existing customers"
Maintain a "loose but deep connection" --

Timely delivery of contents that will trigger constant purchasing and advocating behavior

Please take full advantage of Willyet to elevate the LTV of your services

  • Quick & Small Start

    Visual contents, key catchphrases, seasonality, tags, and clients' preferences that express your brand's view:
    Input them to Willyet and you can start your own Content Marketing in a breeze.

  • Brand Equity ↑

    We prepare a sophisticated UI / UX package for you.
    There are potential customers who are willing to make a purchase.
    When they browse into the curated contents on your brand's Willyet site via SNS websites and search engines,
    they will fully enjoy your brand experience and the value it provides them.

  • Data Management Platform

    Willyet allows you to maintain direct contact points with consumers via your Owned Media and accumulates crucial data of consumers' ever more fragmented on-line behaviors.
    Renewed awareness of customer attributes and visualization of business tasks would contribute to data driven marketing.

  • LTV UP ↑

    Efficiently acquire insights for PR and evidences for sales promotion.
    Analyze the collected data; make small improvements to accelerate the PDCA cycle.
    Create a customer development story and improve your LTV.

UI/UX Design

Beautiful UI/UX Design
and Interface

Create "Sensational" "Emotional" "Cognitive" "Behavioral" and "Relational" stories.
"Willyet CMS" utilizes state-of-the-art technologies,
digital design power and content creative power to design an UI / UX that is "attractive and beautiful" "easy to view" and "easy to understand".

"Curate" the brand's vision

With UI/UX that is designed to emphasize visual contents and key catchphrases,
the brand's view of the world is directly communicated.
Users who are passively gathering information will naturally be more receptive of the artfully curated contents.

Searching "THINGS" naturally
leads users to your site

Tagging keywords to contents that match consumers' emotions and scenes
Even an ambiguous "THINGS" search result can be turned into an inflow port of potential purchase desires

"Recommend" function
to stimulate potential desire

By displaying recommended contents, our platform entice the users to browse throughout the site and stimulate their desire to "know more!"
The sites are designed to lead the users to their next experience in a natural progression.

Encourage users to "Share" and
use "Clipping" for repeated visits

Users can share their interests by using "SNS share" or "Clipping" features; they can also curate their own contents by "My Catalog."
Identify user's behavior, then inspire them to take the next action and encourage repeated visits to your site.

Service System

Creating engagement
"Connected Customer"

With "Willyet CMS", you can "small start" your Content Marketing,
drive your initiatives while accumulating valuable data, and eventually build an "engagement" with your customers.
By adding that data with 3rd Party data and performing a certain analysis with "Willyet DMP",
you can evaluate the effectiveness of your contents as well as acquire "insights" on users.

Main Function

Know their needs
at a glance
Improve Immediately

Rapid PDCA turnaround and reach the users' needs with optimized contents.
Build engagement with users and improve the LTV.

Content Marketing

With the intuitive CMS, simply add visual contents and phrases into the layout, and your Willyet site is complete.
You can link your site to other EC sites
and share on SNSs as well.
Make users' behavior from recognition
to purchase smoother.

Access Analysis

Summarize important KPIs including PV number,
number of users, bounce rate, and number
of sessions on a single dashboard.
Users can access the KPI values in real time.

Profile Analysis

Gender, age, occupation, hobby, and preference....
By linking with 3rd party data,
you can analyze your site visitors' profile.
Visualize a specific image
of potential customers of your brand.

Contents Evaluation

For each content, quantify user actions such as sharing, clipping, and addition to My Catalog.
These indexes help accelerate the optimization
of your creativity.

Keeping a pulse on potential needs

Willyet users can keep a pulse on potential needs by observing the status of inflow words to the Willyet site
and keywords tagged in content.
This enables Willyet users to shift their business trajectory by closely keeping an eye on user feedbacks.

Visualization of the affinity between attributes and contents

Visualize popular "combination"
of user's favorite contents by each attritube.
Understand the affinity among these combinations
and use the insight for campaigns and cross-selling.

For Web Marketing

Stuck in implementing new customer acquisition initiatives
after another and having a hard time elevating LTV?

Streamline CRM measures by utilizing
"Content Marketing" and improve your advertising budget!

For Public Relations

Looking for an "active" advertisement channel
that replaces traditional infomercials and mass media?

Utilize your product and service as an "owned media
that can also be used to measure PR effectiveness!"


Rate plan

Our pricing structure can be applied to department level implementation.

Free Trial

  • RateFree
  • Usage period14 days
  • Data capacity1GB
  • Access to analytic dataPartially available
  • Production environmentLimited to test environment

Standard Plan

  • Rate¥200,000/monthInitial cost: ¥100,000
  • Usage period6 monthsMinimum contract term
  • Data capacity5GBPay-as-you-go over 5GB
  • Access to analytic data
  • Production environment

For more details including content customization, design customization, and other plans, please contact support_willyet@yuidea.co.jp
Service descriptions and delivery conditions are subject to change for improvement without prior notice.

Implementation Flow

  • STEP 1Application

    Choose your plan and fill in the form below.

    Application form

  • STEP 2Acknowledgement

    We will contact you via email or phone.

  • STEP 3System configuration

    Your domain/site information will be registered.
    Depending on your system environment, it will generally take 1-2 weeks.

  • STEP 4Launch

    When your contents are registered and ready to go, your website is published.

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